TDM for the Win: Wie Testdatenmanagement Continuous Testing ermöglicht


TDM for the Win: Wie Testdatenmanagement kontinuierliches Testen ermöglicht, Titel des Webinars mit Porträtfotos der Sprecher und abstrakter Grafik auf der rechten Seite

Shifting integration testing left is often difficult due to shared backend services and resources. Teams that share testing data sources and environments may struggle with delays, conflicts, and data pollution. Traditional test data management (TDM) doesn’t get the job done and teams need more control over their test data and environments.

Discover how your team can move toward continuous testing in your Agile environment. Reduce wait time for valid test data by enabling on-demand virtual environments within your DevOps workflow.

Watch this session and learn how to:

  • Automate TDM workflows with an environment-based approach to continuous testing that scales across the enterprise.
  • Simulate stateful data journeys to further reduce teams’ reliance on shared backends and shift-left integration testing.
  • Develop virtual sandboxes to enable teams to isolate their applications from shared backends.